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Cross Creek screens have been utilized in a number of field environments around the world and continue to prove to be the most durable and long lasting screens on the market. Each screen design has been modified and improved to meet the strenuous demands of full time (40 hours a week-52 weeks a year) field operations. No matter what archaeological context you are working in, whether it is clay, mud, stone filled or even the coral and limestone filled soils of the Caribbean your Cross Creek screen will provide years of operation while at the same time affording the greatest ease of use for the full-time archaeology or forensic fieldworker.

Below is a sample of selected qualities of our Cross Creek screens. Weights and measurements of screens are provided on our products page. We encourage you to contact us if you need any additional details about our screen designs.

    • We only use cypress wood in all screen designs. Through years of testing cypress has proven far superior to other wood types due to its durability and low weight. Beware of other screen designs that use pine; we have found that pine often splits at pressure points along the frames after limited use.

    • Our screens are produced from woven, tack-welded, and then hot galvanized heavy gauge steel mesh (except of 1/16 inch screen which is non-galvanized stainless steel). It has been observed that each wire screen has approximately a 2,500 hour use-life before any maintenance or replacement is necessary. When your screen has surpassed its use-life, we provide replacement wire screen kits for easy home repair instead of having to purchase an entire new frame system.

    • Our screen's wood frames have proven very durable, as evidenced through their survival after numerous tosses over creeks and fences and the occasional bouncing out of a truck bed.

    • All our screen designs were constructed with portability in mind. We well know the headaches of lugging heavy shaker screens through brush during the late afternoon on a hot July day. The Cross Creek Shaker Screen is so light weight thanks in large part to its thin, yet durable, steel piped leg design, as opposed to heavy wooden legs used on many of our competitor's screens. The steel legs are constructed from a single 1/2 inch pipe with no welding or soldering for maximum strength.

    • The Cross Creek Shaker Screen's steel legs are connected to the shaker frame by two pivot bolts with large inset washers that help distribute force when the weight of a shovel full of wet soil lands in the screen. These bolts do not work loose; they each consist of steel nylon insert nuts that are further secured with a thread-lock compound and the bolt ends are then peened in place.

    • Each wood frame for all our screen designs are double coated in pure polyurethane. This sealer penetrates deep into the wood's pores creating a durable water and dirt resistant surface that also makes the wood easier on the hands (i.e. no wood splinters or roughening).

Our screens are so tough you will go through two to three Uniontools "Razor-Back"® shovels before your first screen maintenance.