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"I have spent 30 years conducting archaeological research in the Caribbean. During that time I have tried every type of screen imaginable. None of them proved adequate. None, that is, until I had the good fortune of using one of Mr. Morgan's screens on a project in Puerto Rico. Morgan's Cross Creek screens are of excellent design and superior craftsmanship. They have all of the attributes I have been searching for all these years. First, they are easy to transport. The interlocking tubular legs make them easy to breakdown and ship (an important consideration when the screen has to be taken to remote island locations). Second is their portability. The light weight and streamline legs make them easy to carry long distances, even through the densest of vegetation. This feature is a real energy saver, especially on long shovel test transects. Third, they are amazingly durable; working in Puerto Rican clays that were so hard we had to use mattocks and breaker bars to excavate, the screens showed no evidence of wear after months in the field (although we did break a mattock and a breaker bar). Finally, the most important characteristic is their reliability. A broken screen can ruin a project. Working in remote locations it often is difficult to repair screens, or even get back to a place where replacement parts can be found. These screens didn't break, tear, or separate even under the harshest conditions. I will never use a different screen. I just wish they were available 30 years ago."

Dr. William F. Keegan
Curator of Caribbean Archaeology
Florida Museum of Natural History

"Every ounce you take with you in the morning becomes added pounds by the end of the day! Cross Creek screens are very strong, yet remarkably light-weight, and can take repeated hard use without frequent maintenance or down-time."

Richard W. Estabrook, M.A., RPA
Regional Director
Florida Public Archaeology Network

"Cross Creek screens are awesome. Light weight, durable, and portable. Designed by an archaeologist for archaeologists. A quality product."

Robert J. Austin, Ph.D.
Southeastern Archaeological Research, Inc.

"For the past 10 years, the only screens I use in the field are the ones made by William Morgan. They are sturdy, comfortable, very transportable, and they get the job done. I have used nested sets of Cross Creek screens at prehistoric sites in the Caribbean (Bahamas, Turks & Caicos, Tobago, Trinidad) and South Pacific (Fiji, Tonga, Cook Islands, Easter Island) as well as a number of places in North America. Whether for quick surveys or for the retrieval of tiny objects from careful excavations, Mr. Morgan's custom-built Cross Creek screens are the ticket."

David W. Steadman
Associate Director for Research and Collections
Curator of Ornithology
Florida Museum of Natural History
University of Florida

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